4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2010.10.06

[UPDATE] Metasploit Rev.10907 added exploit for ms10_xxx_ie_css_clip.rb (cve-2010-3962) -> http://goo.gl/fGiUM
[TOOL] CryptoNark SSL Ciphers Auditor v0.3.6 -> http://goo.gl/d0003
[PAPER] ToolSmith ISSA Journal November 2010 issue released -> http://goo.gl/2F2jk
[TOOL] Syhunt Sandcat for PHP 2.1 -> http://goo.gl/Xdlb4
[POST] HTML5 Tricks Hijack Browsers To Crack Passwords, Spew Spam -> http://goo.gl/yRxzt
[NEWS] Researcher to release Web-based Android attack -> http://goo.gl/u19JX
[PAPER] Know Your Tools: Qebek, Conceal the Monitoring -> http://goo.gl/k5NBb
[POST] Distributed SIP scanning during Halloween weekend -> http://goo.gl/ok59J
[TOOL] New version of ddosim – DDOS simulator -> http://goo.gl/NuvB9
[POST] SSH: On the fly port forwarding -> http://goo.gl/5MiER


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