4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2010.11.08

[RT] @hdmoore: Create a setuid-friendly shell in #Metasploit: ./msfpayload linux/x86/exec PrependSetuid=true CMD=/bin/bash X > root.sh
[INFO] Google hacking database -> http://goo.gl/awYig
[INFO] Advanced GSM based IMEI / IMSI Catcher System -> http://goo.gl/soFGy
[TOOL] The Fathom Toolkit is a suite of tools for searching and manipulating Nmap’s XML output -> http://goo.gl/hrSD2
[UPDATE] XSSer v1.0 -> http://goo.gl/d2OKY
[TOOL] Online Shellcode2EXE -> http://goo.gl/Vedm0
[UPDATE] Adobe XML Injection Metasploit Module -> http://goo.gl/0SeKf
[UPDATE] Metasploit Rev.10938, nessus plugin added -> http://goo.gl/xZpn8
[UPDATE] Metasploit Rev.10935,  moxa_mdmtool added -> http://goo.gl/mgczU
[INFO] Back door exploit for Android phones -> http://goo.gl/bVCri
[NEWS] The Social-Engineer Toolkit v1.0 “Devolution” Release -> http://goo.gl/q2Yq2
[INFO] pfsense xss issues -> http://goo.gl/geSZq
[SCRIPT] Automate Nikto with doNikto -> http://goo.gl/iBizV


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