4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2010.11.17

[TOOL] iPhone Analyser, open source tool for reading iPhone backups -> http://goo.gl/GfcMC
[NEWS] ‘Super-secret’ debugger discovered in AMD CPUs -> http://goo.gl/wWV5D
[VIDEO] SpyEye Builder v1.2.50 (Botnet cracking session) -> http://goo.gl/dymsd
[NEWS] World’s most advanced rootkit penetrates 64-bit Windows -> http://goo.gl/ZBc2P
[INFO] New version for Android’s exploit (webkit CVE-2010-1807) -> http://goo.gl/2zoAE
[TOOL] STUXNET Scanner -> http://goo.gl/wljCU
[NEWS] Google Voice for iPhone Is Now (Finally) Available (not in Greek AppStore though yet) -> http://goo.gl/wYEbM
[NEWS] Adobe patches Reader and Acrobat (again…) -> http://goo.gl/atBNj
[UPDATE] FOCA Free 2.5.6 available -> http://goo.gl/cC5DQ
[NEWS] Metasploit Unleashed – November 2010 updates -> http://goo.gl/luhas
[PAPERS] SHODAN for DNS Information Gathering -> http://goo.gl/vgFGD
[UPDATE] Sysinternals Process Explorer v14 -> http://goo.gl/ECi5H


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