4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2010.11.18

[VIDEO] AV Removal Via Metasploit -> http://goo.gl/31xbA
[INFO] Important OpenSSL update for a TLS extension parsing race condition -> http://goo.gl/xQaZv
[TOOL] HashGenerator v1.0 -> http://goo.gl/3ejQg
[NEWS] Google Issuing Fix For Latest Android Vulnerability Disclosure -> http://goo.gl/Yyilc
[MAG] Phrack Issue #67 is out now -> http://goo.gl/i0ZvL
[MAG] (IN)SECURE Issue #28 is out now -> http://goo.gl/wUX0e
[UPDATE] analyzeMFT v1.7 -> http://goo.gl/8lgqg
[POST] Why the web has not switched to SSL-only yet? -> http://goo.gl/IVZUM
[POST] Web Application Firewalls Don’t Totally Suck -> http://goo.gl/oCHo7
[EXPLOIT] Cisco Unified Videoconferencing multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2010-3037 & CVE-2010-3038) -> http://goo.gl/kjPTJ
[INFO] Explore the CVE-2010-3654 matryoshka -> http://goo.gl/Zn1GO
[POST] Securing your website with .htaccess -> http://goo.gl/pjQgL
[TOOL] CDE: automatic packaging of Code, Data, and Environment -> http://goo.gl/EsGgJ
[INFO] Breaking into an Android password manager -> http://goo.gl/TOZXq
[POST] Links and resources for malware samples -> http://goo.gl/TJsoW
[INFO] Spoof Your Caller ID With an iPhone Web App -> http://goo.gl/RzUjt
[TOOL] NetSurf – A Graphical Web Browser for Command Line -> http://goo.gl/0YA5M
[INFO] DIY Kinect Hacking!!! -> http://goo.gl/t2rBN
[INFO] Pwned via XSS + Browser Exploit -> http://goo.gl/IcBlC
[TOOL] New Linux tracing tool TRACE -> http://goo.gl/hVgVJ
[RT] @backtracklinux Fast internet, many wireless cards and some spare time on your hands ? We need a sample of 10-15 testers for BT4 r2.. catch us on IRC
[BLOG] Hash Cracking resources blog -> http://goo.gl/cQ6Ze
[REVIEW] HoneyPoint: Honeypot for Windows, Linux or Mac -> http://goo.gl/GRPjq


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