4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2010.11.22

[UPDATE] Metasploit Rev.11079, exploit for Windows Task Scheduler 2.0 added -> http://goo.gl/xIyvK
[UPDATE] New SET update gives SIGNIFICANTLY better A/V avoidance -> http://goo.gl/2J3Nw
[INFO] Nessus Parsing… 101? -> http://goo.gl/XQgs4
[INFO] Who’s looking for eggs in your PDF? -> http://goo.gl/K5WqY
[INFO] 25 Best SSH Commands / Tricks -> http://goo.gl/CjehL
[INFO] Rootkit in a network pci card -> http://goo.gl/71QpH
[UPDATE] SpyDLLRemover v4.0 -> http://goo.gl/fO7qy
[NEWS] Latest openssl update breaks Tor -> http://goo.gl/dQa0x
[INFO] Hacking Virtual Machines (4 parts) -> http://goo.gl/EpSWN , http://goo.gl/SwVFO , http://goo.gl/RKukh , http://goo.gl/Dbo4b
[WIKI] Fast malware analysis with pyew -> http://goo.gl/GFfzA
[RT] @pentestit – Nmap 5.36TEST2 -> http://goo.gl/HZ2df


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