4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2010.11.24

[NEWS] Apple iOS 4.2 addresses multiple WebKit security issues -> http://goo.gl/WGxlU , http://goo.gl/f407j
[TOOL] PyLoris: scriptable tool to test server vulnerability to DoS -> http://goo.gl/tZvda
[METASPLOIT] Revision 11096, add exploit for foxit reader title stack bof -> http://goo.gl/6u5hA
[INFO] The USB Stick O’ Death (*must_read*) -> http://goo.gl/5VylL
[POST] Zenmap Tutorial: Audit Your Networks using Nmap GUI -> http://goo.gl/tOPry
[INFO] Assessing the Tux Strength: Part 1 – Userspace Memory Protection -> http://goo.gl/OC2MS
[INFO] Assessing the Tux Strength: Part 2 – Into the Kernel -> http://goo.gl/jmCU8
[TOOL] OpenVizsla: Open Source USB Protocol Analyzer -> http://goo.gl/gWYKt
[TOOL] WebGL-Inspector: An advanced WebGL debugging toolkit -> http://goo.gl/F4uyG
[TOOL] OWASP JXT: Awesome auto-escaping template language to stop XSS -> http://goo.gl/7pqOZ
[TOOL] SIP Inspector: tool written in JAVA to simulate different SIP messages -> http://goo.gl/LvVNv
[TOOL] RPSS: Remote Pentest Security Shell -> http://goo.gl/6gjH9
[NEWS] Google quick to fix Gmail spam exploit -> http://goo.gl/VQVXC
[INFO] Adobe Flash LSO & Microsoft Silverlight LSO Cookies -> http://goo.gl/vS2Qn
[INFO] How to Enable AirPrint Service on Windows 7/Vista/XP (32-bit/64-bit) -> http://goo.gl/ofPRL
[INFO] Scanning For Default & Common Credentials Using Nessus -> http://goo.gl/h1XHb
[INFO] iPhone + Burp (*must_read*) -> http://goo.gl/TadwC
[UPDATE] Process Explorer v14.01, Autoruns v10.05 -> http://goo.gl/hdWf8
[POST] XSS track got ninja stealth skills thanks to html5 -> http://goo.gl/iwJCC
[NEWS] HTTPS Everywhere Now Offers New Protection Against ‘Firesheep’ -> http://goo.gl/18A8L
[UPDATE] BlackSheep v1.5 -> http://goo.gl/bjX8B
[NEWS] Turning your world upside down: Metasploit ambigram tattoos -> http://goo.gl/CMUZp


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