4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2010.11.25

[INFO] ModSecurity: Mitigating Slow HTTP DoS Attacks -> http://goo.gl/meQWv
[METASPLOIT] Configuring and Using Databases -> http://goo.gl/PE7P7 , http://goo.gl/Dy8MQ
[INFO] Upgrading BackTrack 4 Final (or R1) to BackTrack R2 -> http://goo.gl/3nGEG
[TOOL] Some handy debugging/dump tools for Windows -> http://goo.gl/nYpRF
[TOOL] Web Crawler: A Web Application Crawler -> http://goo.gl/ocLoO
[EXPLOIT] ImageShack Toolbar Remote Code Execution -> http://goo.gl/yUubF
[EXPLOIT] Netcraft Toolbar 1.8.1 Remote Code Execution -> http://goo.gl/XGxLO
[INFO] Android Data Stealing Vulnerability -> http://goo.gl/LTbPU
[VIDEO] The Dark Side of Jailbreaking iPhones -> http://goo.gl/RPwsO
[TOOL] prn-2-me: printer MITM revisited (*must_read*) -> http://goo.gl/aJFVo
[INFO] VinSelf: A new backdoor in town -> http://goo.gl/2NKMu
[EXPLOIT] Elevation of privileges under Windows Vista/7 (UAC Bypass) -> http://goo.gl/R8FfZ
[INFO] How to Triple Boot Your Hackintosh with Windows and Linux -> http://goo.gl/6KC9H


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