4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2010.11.28

[UPDATE] Tor & New Tor Browser Bundle packages are released -> http://goo.gl/SBF7O , http://goo.gl/xWkyv
[METASPLOIT] Updated the Metasploit VBScript Infection Method on MSFU -> http://goo.gl/wRUAX
[EXPLOIT] Linux Kernel ‘setup_arg_pages()’ DoS Vulnerability -> http://goo.gl/Yokw1
[INFO] Volatility: Volatile memory analysis research -> http://goo.gl/WTgDx
[INFO] New Microsoft QSR: Exposure of Sensitive Information -> http://goo.gl/zhFmx
[EXPLOIT] Bypassing UAC with User Privilege under Windows Vista/7 -> http://goo.gl/BfSV2
[METASPLOIT] Armitage: Independent metasploit GUI (url & video) -> http://goo.gl/4QQGd , http://goo.gl/ulHy9
[POST] Why blurring sensitive information is a bad idea -> http://goo.gl/9cdwA


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