4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2010.12.01

[INFO] How to create a shellcode on ARM architecture -> http://goo.gl/ErmM3
[EXPLOIT] NIBE Heat Pumps exploit code for RCE & LFI with root rights -> http://goo.gl/FrOwf
[EXPLOIT] Advanced analysis of the 2010-11-24 local Windows kernel exploit -> http://goo.gl/itAlD
[INFO] Is iPhone identifiable on WiFi network? -> http://goo.gl/6Hrzw
[DISCLOSURE] Twitter – Security bug in user profiles (HTML, JS, Malware) -> http://goo.gl/tEw7Y
[TOOL] aadp4olly v0.2 -> http://goo.gl/bAQNk
[INFO] Avoiding AV Detection: A follow-up to the USB Stick O’Death -> http://goo.gl/Rjzb2
[TOOL] Online tool helps you to configure Juniper, Nortel and Cisco switches -> http://goo.gl/8FhrE
[VIDEO] XerXes DoS Attack (I & II @vimeo) -> http://goo.gl/yCWRo , http://goo.gl/uCDjW
[VIDEO] Brucon 2010 videos released -> http://goo.gl/x8AaE
[ADVISORY] VMWare Security Advisory -> http://goo.gl/BbRVB
[POST] Sparse iPhone, iPad Screen Space Aids Phishers -> http://goo.gl/gS4M6
[EXPLOIT] XSRF (CSRF) in BEdita -> http://goo.gl/OpFcP
[EXPLOIT] Stored Cross Site Scripting vulnerability in BEdita -> http://goo.gl/fb/HeLUA
[EXPLOIT] XSS vulnerability in BEdita -> http://goo.gl/fb/OGucG
[EXPLOIT] Cross site scripting vulnerability in BLOG:CMS -> http://goo.gl/fb/jHitm
[EXPLOIT] XSRF (CSRF) in BLOG:CMS -> http://goo.gl/fb/HwGZp
[EXPLOIT] XSS vulnerability in BLOG:CMS -> http://goo.gl/fb/ze8MQ
[EXPLOIT] XSS vulnerability in BLOG:CMS -> http://goo.gl/fb/PHJmB
[METASPLOIT] Rev 11178 add REST version of axis2 deployer (& usage) -> http://goo.gl/yCWHE , http://goo.gl/Ci0FC


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