4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2010.12.02

[POST] 5 Common Malware Infection Approaches -> http://goo.gl/Fcjwv
[POST] All your drives are belong to us -> http://goo.gl/yifOC , http://goo.gl/o0r8B
[NEWS] Siberia Exploits Kit Fights Back Against AV Companies -> http://goo.gl/YyLIS
[INFO] PDF – Vulnerabilities, Exploits and Malwares -> http://goo.gl/8HSt1
[INFO] Google Calendar CSRF -> http://goo.gl/FIuHo
[TOOL] Arm Release 1.4.0: terminal monitor for Tor -> http://goo.gl/sMQHU
[UPDATE] ViewStateHacker v1.0.3 released -> http://goo.gl/e5wSn
[VIDEO] Local privilege escalation via ZoneAlarm -> http://goo.gl/xgK9U
[INFO] MS10-073: Windows Class Handling Gone Wrong -> http://goo.gl/R5FO9
[TUTORIAL] John the Ripper: Why You Are Doing It Wrong -> http://goo.gl/sKON4
[TOOL] LfiMap v1.4 released: used to take the highest benefits of the LFI vulnerability -> http://goo.gl/fvc7G
[INFO] McAfee Web Reporter fail. jboss_deploymentfilerepository.rb + RPORT=9111 = shells -> http://goo.gl/DVAsM
[UPDATE] Snort Released -> http://goo.gl/jVaHd
[INFO] Adobe Reader X sandbox leaves ‘residual risk’ -> http://goo.gl/KsdmS
[PRESENTATION] DNS Tampering and Root Servers (PDF) -> http://goo.gl/cyOXl


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