4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2010.12.05

[INFO] How to Tweet From Ruby -> http://goo.gl/NvNpx
[TOOL] CloudFlare: protects and accelerates any website online -> http://goo.gl/SE5ga
[INFO] An Analysis of the Behavior of Targeted Trojans -> http://goo.gl/bAVaf
[INFO] Learning Rails the Zombie way! -> http://goo.gl/SCBcx
[INFO] 25 More – Sick Linux Commands -> http://goo.gl/AdP4q
[UPDATE] Floppyfw v3.0.14: a router and firewall in one image -> http://goo.gl/lWuax
[NEWS] Microsoft Research Develops Zozzle JavaScript Malware Detection Tool -> http://goo.gl/cRG11
[UPDATE] OWASP HTTP Post Tool v3.5: test your web apps for HTTP GET and HTTP POST DoS attacks -> http://goo.gl/fiD7d
[UPDATE] LFIMAP 1.4.3: Scan For Files Vulnerable To LFI -> http://goo.gl/YyeUT
[TOOL] Bluelog 0.9.8: a Linux Bluetooth scanner -> http://goo.gl/BMhdf
[TOOL] Hyenae 0.35.3: network packet generator with several MITM, DoS and DDoS attack scenarios -> http://goo.gl/HSlwU
[POST] Virtual patching with mod security -> http://goo.gl/tBymv
[TOOL] Dradis The Effective Information Sharing v2.6 released -> http://goo.gl/01X9O
[PAPER] Microsoft Windows SAM Processing Flaw – Persistent Administrative Access PoC (PDF) -> http://goo.gl/87JCh
[TOOL] SQLInject Finder: An Intelligent SQL Injection Attempt Detection Script -> http://goo.gl/ETyN0
[POST] Run as privilege escalation talk and accompanying meterpreter scripts -> http://goo.gl/oUqR2 , http://goo.gl/7FXRS
[EXPLOIT] Various Linksys router CSRF PoC -> http://goo.gl/Z6ZQx
[0DAY] Internet Explorer Memory Corruption Vulnerability -> http://goo.gl/VPM0G
[PAPER] Bypassing Protected Mode Internet Explorer 8/7 (PDF) -> http://goo.gl/EUaHP


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