4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2010.12.06

[TOOL] SilentEye: An Easier to use Steganography Tool -> http://goo.gl/rd7Tq
[METASPLOIT] Feature #3289: DNS(SEC) fuzzer -> http://goo.gl/1tLiy
[TOOL] j0llydmper: A Windows service that monitors USB disks plugged-in so as to dump, automaticaly and furtively, interesting files -> http://goo.gl/BmEs8
[TOOL] Thicknet: A TCP Session Manipulation and Take-Over Tool -> http://goo.gl/oINls
[UPDATE] JavaSnoop-1.0 FINAL: hack Java applications running on your computer -> http://goo.gl/oUCAj
[TOOL] OWASP Zed Attack Proxy v1.1.0 Released -> http://goo.gl/mHmP4
[UPDATE] Social Engineering Ninja v0.4 -> http://goo.gl/FtKqP
[METASPLOIT] Feature #3261: Cisco TTL Expiry Attack -> http://goo.gl/LEAhO
[VIDEO] SSH Patching @ November NoVAH! Meeting -> http://goo.gl/mhrJ0
[EXPLOIT] PDF with Flash JIT Spray “Event Invitation from The Heritage Foundation (CVE-2010-2883) -> http://goo.gl/xaq1H


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