4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2010.12.11

[NEWS] MS Patch Tuesday Heads-Up: 17 Bulletins, 40 Vulnerabilities -> http://goo.gl/9c2Xx
[EXPLOIT] VMware Tools update OS Command Injection -> http://goo.gl/26wBU
[INFO] Google XSS Flaw in Website Optimizer Scripts explained -> http://goo.gl/HuRFu
[TOOL] IP Encrypt: is a Free SSL Proxy -> http://goo.gl/PFw1U
[TOOL] SSH private key cracker -> http://goo.gl/rpjBw
[0DAY] Internet Explorer exploit CVE-2010-3962 -> http://goo.gl/lDP6v
[UPDATE] JsSfx3.2: JavaScript compression tool -> http://goo.gl/N3KzL
[INFO] Firefox 3.6.13 fixes bug 602780 (CVE-2010-3774) -> http://goo.gl/g6kd7
[UPDATE] BeEF 0.4.2-alpha: the Browser Exploitation Framework -> http://goo.gl/4C0cm
[INFO] Flaw in MS Domain Account Caching Allows Local Workstation Admins to Temporarily Escalate Privileges and Login as Cached Domain Admin Accounts -> http://goo.gl/OM3nK
[UPDATE] Razorback v0.1.3: A Intelligence Driven Security Framework -> http://goo.gl/IMQaP
[NEWS] NIST has selected five SHA-3 candidate algorithms to advance to the third (and final) round -> http://goo.gl/fd624
[UPDATE] Snorby 2.0.1 & Insta-Snorby 0.5 with out of the box full-packet capture is out -> http://goo.gl/ZhhNQ
[CHALLENGE] The Nightmare Before Charlie Brown’s Christmas -> http://goo.gl/IdTgR
[METASPLOIT] Rev 11274 – added exim4_string_format.rb (cve-2010-4344) -> http://goo.gl/wFGAG
[INFO] Man-In-The-Browser: The power of JavaScript at the example of Carberp -> http://goo.gl/MfLuC


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