4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2010.12.12

[EXPLOIT] LiteSpeed Web Server 4.0.17 w/ PHP Remote Exploit for FreeBSD -> http://goo.gl/Q9UBL
[INFO] Automatic Exploit Generation (paper and videos) -> http://goo.gl/cyzUs
[INFO] Break a regex-based HTML parser -> http://goo.gl/zDOub
[TOOL] Advanced TOR – version -> http://goo.gl/DcIc3
[INFO] CVE-2010-4258: Turning denial-of-service into privilege escalation -> http://goo.gl/vN7Jk
[POST] Volatilitux : Physical memory analysis of Linux systems -> http://goo.gl/4LBou
[NEWS] Anonymous Releases Very Unanonymous Press Release -> http://goo.gl/K47Db , http://goo.gl/ie3Kg
[POST] Ultimate Pentesting VM (info & video) -> http://goo.gl/7clWO
[POST] oclHashcat 101 -> http://goo.gl/rgkak


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