4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2010.12.13

[TOOL] Tutti: Multiple Browser Interactive Javascript Shell -> http://goo.gl/KZItz
[INFO] Reversing Malware: One sample from the wild each month -> http://goo.gl/bnNNc
[NEWS] Hackers Steal McDonald’s Customer Data -> http://goo.gl/YG4yI
[INFO] 7 Practical uses of OpenSSL -> http://goo.gl/Fenv5
[INFO] Get iOS4 Mount/Sync Working In Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat -> http://goo.gl/aDEOF
[INFO] Google hacking database (googledorks) -> http://goo.gl/SyvkE
[VIDEO] GSM: SRSLY? (video and presentation from Shmoocon 2010) -> http://goo.gl/nKV2f
[NEWS] Gawker Media Confirms That Their Commenter Database Was Hacked -> http://goo.gl/nUHVl
[METASPLOIT] Rev. 11313 – Added sound_recorder.rb -> http://goo.gl/RURO5
[METASPLOIT] Rev. 11314 – Added service_manager.rb -> http://goo.gl/2RaEV


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