4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2010.12.15

[TOOL] IT-sec-catalog: References to vulnerability exploitation stuff -> http://goo.gl/G5arr
[SCRIPT] SQLinject-finder.py: Intelligent SQL Injection Detection -> http://goo.gl/YA8kw
[TOOL] Mantra Security Toolkit v0.01: Browser based Security Framework -> http://goo.gl/ixm0z
[POST] Mobile App Risk Top 10 List -> http://goo.gl/XwlFu
[POST] The Internet Goes to War -> http://goo.gl/SAmaI
[POST] Visualizing TCP -> http://goo.gl/wAGfH
[TOOL] PDF Stream Dumper: analysis of malicious PDF documents -> http://goo.gl/1VA8j
[POST] Rogues now imitate utilities rather than anti-malcode apps -> http://goo.gl/CGjOV
[INFO] A complete guide to securing a website -> http://goo.gl/2kln6
[EXPLOIT] ActiveX bug discovered in SolarWinds Orion version 10 and below (video) -> http://goo.gl/OauSo
[INFO] Exploit Development -> http://goo.gl/jEuw8
[NEWS] Mubix and Carnal0wnage join the Rapid7 family -> http://goo.gl/o3dR1
[INFO] Hackers bypass .htaccess security by using GETS rather than GET -> http://goo.gl/8SfgU
[NEWS] New XSS on Barack Obama website -> http://goo.gl/TmRxZ
[INFO] Backdoor Vulnerability Discovered on HP MSA2000 Storage Systems -> http://goo.gl/o6uyG
[VIDEO] Armitage the Metasploit GUI at December NoVA Hackers -> http://goo.gl/ryerO
[NEWS] Microsoft Patch Tuesday – December 2010 -> http://goo.gl/7mlKq
[UPDATE] Websecurify 0.8Alpha4: web app pentest tool -> http://goo.gl/f3WvR
[TOOL] IOCTL Fuzzer v1.2 Released: locate IOCTL vulnerabilities in Windows drivers -> http://goo.gl/1gzGU
[SCRIPT] New Nmap script for Service Tag Enumeration -> http://goo.gl/tBcEH
[INFO] Attacking Windows Operating System over PowerShell -> http://goo.gl/UlSmB
[INFO] Adding Web Applications to the Security Bug Bounty Program -> http://goo.gl/ykM68


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