4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2010.12.17

[EXPLOIT] Internet Explorer 8 CSS Parser -> http://goo.gl/IetxF , http://goo.gl/zCVux
[INFO] IPtables Logs Mapping on GoogleMaps -> http://goo.gl/2eabe
[SLIDES] Charlie Miller’s Mac OS X Hacking Snow Leopard Edition (PDF) -> http://goo.gl/ni907
[INFO] VMWare ESX Kernel Exploit Patch -> http://goo.gl/jIII5
[UPDATE] PacketFence v2.0.0: open-source network access control system -> http://goo.gl/0QttO
[INFO] Vulnerability in the PDF distiller of the BlackBerry Attachment Service -> http://goo.gl/0FND4
[NEWS] VM Import – Bring Your VMware Images to The Cloud -> http://goo.gl/s5zvi
[GUIDE] Mallory TCP/UDP transparent proxy setup guide now online -> http://goo.gl/g86Gr
[SCRIPT] IDA pro script to dump SSL certificates and privates keys from binary -> http://goo.gl/jmZ6Q
[SCRIPT] Evercookie support in the new Ruby BeEF -> http://goo.gl/VILc1
[POST] LOIC tool enables ‘easy’ WikiLeaks-driven DDoS attacks -> http://goo.gl/tiyIk


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