4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2010.12.20

[EXPLOIT] iOS < 4.2.1 packet filter local kernel vulnerability (CVE-2010-3830) -> http://goo.gl/DCYKs
[VIDEO] Android 2.3 Gingerbread From Nexus S Ported To Samsung Galaxy S -> http://goo.gl/Zubqs
[INFO] The recurity labs wiki for CIR reference on Cisco IOS exploitation -> http://goo.gl/odX4G
[MAG] HackThisZine #11 (PDF) -> http://goo.gl/NU4fB
[EXPLOIT] OpenBSD CARP Hash Vulnerability -> http://goo.gl/RjhZH
[POST] VM Detection by In-The-Wild Malware -> http://goo.gl/lRBYv
[TOOL] LittleBlackBox: Database of private SSL keys for embedded devices -> http://goo.gl/J2hiZ
[POST] How mobile apps are spying on us -> http://goo.gl/DJAK0
[INFO] Using XMPP for Botnet Command & Control -> http://goo.gl/bXneC


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