4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.01.04 ("Getting Things Done" edition)

[TOOL] ARPFreeze: A tool against ARP poisoning by static ARP entries -> http://goo.gl/VvZrS
[ONLINE] MDN JavaScript Guide -> http://goo.gl/qcDwp
[22C3] Android geolocation using GSM network (VIDEO) -> http://goo.gl/GcbTq
[EXPLOIT] Microsoft Windows Kernel ‘Win32k.sys’ Window Class Local Privilege Escalation -> http://goo.gl/CWeuk
[EXPLOIT] Windows VDM Task Initialization Vulnerability (CVE-2010-3941) -> http://goo.gl/oUBTZ
[INFO] Internet Explorer’s Protected Mode can be bypassed -> http://goo.gl/P5URR
[POST] Storm Botnet Returns as Part of New Year’s Attacks -> http://goo.gl/fcGmi
[ONLINE] RE-Google: plugin for the IDA Pro that queries Google Code for information -> http://goo.gl/4nvyN
[TOOL] Stoned “Your PC is now Stoned! ..again” Bootkit -> http://goo.gl/lg1sA
[POST] Accessing internet with a C64! -> http://goo.gl/xlgtq
[DISTRO] DEFT Linux: Computer Forensics Live Cd -> http://goo.gl/N2jMK
[TOOL] Snorby: New Snort Front-End Adds Speedy Analysis, Ease Of Use -> http://goo.gl/1dsZI , http://goo.gl/xpdyT
[INFO] False Boundaries and Arbitrary Code Execution -> http://goo.gl/FHpwA
[FUN] F*cking printers (via Reddit) -> http://goo.gl/9L3Wu
[NEWS] 58 Banking Breaches in 2010 -> http://goo.gl/0n8Ud


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