4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.01.05 ("I can use Google but you can’t" edition)

[NEWS] Accidental Leak Reveals Chinese Hackers Have IE Zero Day -> http://goo.gl/7LuHq , http://goo.gl/LyUFa
[TOOL] Optimice: Deobfuscation plugin for IDA -> http://goo.gl/fQOJX
[INFO] Microsoft warns of Office-related malware -> http://goo.gl/KpOcl , http://goo.gl/nehqU
[POST] The “Kneber” Botnet, Spear Phishing Attacks and Crimeware -> http://goo.gl/0xbRd
[INFO] The PoC exfiltrating data via VOIP (slides & code) -> http://goo.gl/QO9vr , http://goo.gl/EWOJ4
[ZINE] Another VX E-zine -> http://goo.gl/lenof
[ZINE] CFP for Phrack #68 -> http://goo.gl/PggR4
[INFO] Bleeding Life Exploit Kit (Part 1 & Part 2) -> http://goo.gl/MsX3T , http://goo.gl/yk6iH
[ONLINE] CVE Exploit Kit list -> http://goo.gl/in5f5
[UPDATE] Bruter v1.1 Released: parallel network login brute-forcer on Win32 -> http://goo.gl/pzVk6
[VIDEO] Cross-Site Scripting Explained -> http://goo.gl/A9QVF
[INFO] How to use POSIX capabilities to allow non-root users to perform network packet capturing on Linux -> http://goo.gl/Y9HsO
[DISCLOSURE] PayPal Send Money Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability -> http://goo.gl/Z54vp
[VIDEO] The Ethical Hacking Tutorial -> http://goo.gl/AdorO
[INFO] PS3 root key by Geohot -> http://goo.gl/BgmAV
[DISCLOSURE] Cross-site-scripting (XSS) vulnerability affecting mysql.com -> http://goo.gl/HPatS
[NEWS] Fake Microsoft security update spreads Autorun worm -> http://goo.gl/ucpzF
[DISCLOSURE] Chatango Group Chat Web-Application CSRF -> http://goo.gl/aHjbA
[SCRIPT] Witchxtool 1.0: Port/LFI/SQL Scanner And MD5 Bruteforcer -> http://goo.gl/hybrh
[UPDATE] Process Hacker v2.10: process viewer and memory editor -> http://goo.gl/Ta9Eq
[METASPLOIT] Growl Notifications Plugin on Ubuntu -> http://goo.gl/exkwo
[INFO] Disable PatchGuard & Driver Signing v2, for all version Windows 7 & Windows 7 SP1 (RAR) -> http://goo.gl/Lp0XF
[INFO] Improved teensy++ USB HID keyboard code for pwning Mac OS-X systems -> http://goo.gl/HOxpJ
[METASPLOIT] Rev. 11466 – added ms11_xxx_createsizeddibsection.rb -> http://goo.gl/4eQHy
[INFO] PHP Hangs On Numeric Value 2.2250738585072011e-308 -> http://goo.gl/ScHL5 , http://goo.gl/VqVRg
[INFO] Killing AV when it just will not Die! -> http://goo.gl/iXBrN
[INFO] Credit Card Tracking -> http://goo.gl/rSZco
[INFO] Metasploit Pro + Bypass Win UAC FTW! -> http://goo.gl/MxMB1
[ONLINE] iwatchedyourhack: published transcripts of attacks -> http://goo.gl/Pk9Ok
[NEWS] New Stealth Rootkit Steals Windows 7, Server 2008 User Privileges ‘On The Fly’ -> http://goo.gl/UpGa7
[INFO] You can take down the entire .gov TLD if you can hack into a single GoDaddy account -> http://goo.gl/3N7ba
[SCRIPT] VCR: A Recorder For All Your Tests’ HTTP Interactions -> http://goo.gl/Hfew0


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