4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.01.06 ("Guilty as charged" edition)

[INFO] Shedding Light on the NeoSploit Exploit Kit -> http://goo.gl/r670b
[PODCAST] SFSPodcast #39 -> http://goo.gl/63uVN
[PODCAST] ISDPodcast #292 -> http://goo.gl/4MiFl
[TOOL] IP F**k:The firefox addon proxy -> http://goo.gl/lYDtL
[POST] script – alert(‘REDDIT’) – /script -> http://goo.gl/QieeB
[TOOL] MagicTree Beta Two: penetration tester productivity tool -> http://goo.gl/WwO1e , http://goo.gl/v0qpV
[TOOL] Threat Killer: Scriptable Malware Remover Engine -> http://goo.gl/AjrG3
[TOOL] Hijack Hunter: Create Detailed System Security Reports -> http://goo.gl/exIiG
[ONLINE] sla.ckers.org/forum/ is back! -> http://goo.gl/Z1i9U
[27C3] Mitigating cold-boot attacks for Full-Disk-Encryption software (video) -> http://goo.gl/Vbay8
[TOOL] NetSPoC: Network Security Policy Compiler -> http://goo.gl/BRTrB
[ONLINE] Sandcat Pro released -> http://goo.gl/sWgao
[INFO] Bypassing Flash’s local-with-filesystem Sandbox -> http://goo.gl/5JtGW
[ADVISORY] VMWare Security Advisory VMSA-2011-0001 -> http://goo.gl/1HyCX
[INFO] A sandboxed /home directory -> http://goo.gl/wAViT
[INFO] Run Firefox in a protected sandbox -> http://goo.gl/liLtP , http://goo.gl/uJqPX
[POST] How to set up a pentesting lab -> http://goo.gl/83skQ
[INFO] Using Python and PEFile to Extract Embedded CodeUsing Python and PEFile to Extract Embedded Code in CSAMC -> http://goo.gl/ByiRR
[UPDATE] Torbutton-alpha 1.3.1 released for testing -> http://goo.gl/21j50
[27C3] JTAG/Serial/FLASH/PCB Embedded Reverse Engineering Tools and Techniques (video) -> http://goo.gl/l2T1g
[TOOL] OWASP CSRFGuard v3.0.0.336 Alpha released! -> http://goo.gl/4jNLv
[DISTRO] Security Onion: LiveDVD installing, configuring, and testing Intrusion Detection Systems -> http://goo.gl/wnYav
[TOOL] pwnshell: A Better JSP Shell -> http://goo.gl/hbgDm
[SCRIPT] D-Link WBR-1310 Authentication Bypass -> http://goo.gl/BKx6U
[METASPLOIT] virusscan_bypass.rb: Now with a lame security bulletin -> http://goo.gl/qGUgs


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