4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.01.08 ("weekend at last" edition)

[FUN] Unbelievable bug report! -> http://goo.gl/Tdc26
[INFO] 0-Day Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Fixed in Exim -> http://goo.gl/PE5xE
[NEWS] Apple’s new App Store for OSX already “cracked” -> http://goo.gl/2FhOa , http://goo.gl/7kHbC , http://goo.gl/eMwhW
[NEWS] Man Arrested For Exploiting Error In Slot Machines -> http://goo.gl/cWOlR , http://goo.gl/0nplX , http://goo.gl/gOSMV
[NEWS] Twitter For Mac Comes With A Secret Backdoor To Thank The MacHeist Loyalists -> http://goo.gl/V95Lm
[PAPER] IBM real world study on DOM-based XSS. 14% of sites vulnerable! (PDF) -> http://goo.gl/DNVAd
[POST] 5 Things Every IT Auditor Needs to Know About: SSH Configuration -> http://goo.gl/7eket
[EXPLOIT] Django Password Reset Mechanism Remote DoS -> http://goo.gl/j9nZj
[DISCLOSURE] Google persistent xss and another security bug -> http://goo.gl/1KlIa
[INFO] FreeBSD is now running on Playstation 3 -> http://goo.gl/rALh6
[PAPER] FreeBSD Kernel Stack and Heap Exploitation -> http://goo.gl/ja8KD
[TOOL] Athena-SSL-Cipher-Check v0.6.2: SSL Cipher scanner -> http://goo.gl/TM9cW
[TOOL] Nessus Viewer v1.0.0 released -> http://goo.gl/unfI2
[TOOL] WaterRoof v3.2: Mac OS X IPFW Firewall Frontend -> http://goo.gl/aqUyH
[UPDATE] Nmap 5.30BETA1 Released w/37 new scripts and new Apple vuln -> http://goo.gl/qWKjc
[NEWS] AthCon 2011 CFP Open -> http://goo.gl/knjlm
[NEWS] Microsoft to issue three patches this month, two more possibly pending -> http://goo.gl/eJmR1 , http://goo.gl/oia6R
[TOOL] Proxbrute v0.3: Custom firmware for the proxmark3 that supports brute force attacks against proximity ACS -> http://goo.gl/wsVwM
[TOOL] pyREtic – Reverse engineer obfuscated Python bytecode -> http://goo.gl/cwVIa
[PAPER] The evil karmetasploit upgrade -> http://goo.gl/BziTX
[PAPER] Oracle Penetration Testing Using the Metasploit Framework -> http://goo.gl/OrTpt
[VIDEO] Pwning an Android phone -> http://goo.gl/AhvuG
[NEWS] Google Researcher’s IE 8 Bug Flaw Find Confirmed -> http://goo.gl/CenIl
[POST] Hunting for Bugs, but Found a Worm -> http://goo.gl/k3jbZ
[POST] 9 Ways to Make Linux More Secure -> http://goo.gl/PUNpl
[INFO] High speed password cracking with John the Ripper -> http://goo.gl/ombYG


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