4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.01.09 ("that’s all folks" edition)

Just a few links tonight mostly due to the gunshots and assassination attempts on the other side of the Atlantic ocean!

[VIDEO] Exploit Creating in Metasploit -> http://goo.gl/vnHYk
[DISCLOSURE] CUDA drivers/Linux security hole -> http://goo.gl/yJDJI
[PODCAST] OWASP Podcast #81 -> http://goo.gl/FGw4B
[INFO] Single Packet Authorization (port knocking) on Android -> http://goo.gl/lRBgI
[TOOL] Arm Release 1.4.1: Terminal status monitor for Tor relays -> http://goo.gl/a07se
[INFO] Debian fixes the SSL renegotiation flaw -> http://goo.gl/ADE9e
[POST] Hacking your car for fun and profit -> http://goo.gl/PBpZd
[VIDEO] Installing the I2P darknet software in Linux -> http://goo.gl/rohUp
[NEWS] Google Will Deploy Fixes for Android SMS Bug Soon -> http://goo.gl/ThEaY
[INFO] The Intuitive WiFi hacking GUI app for Ubuntu Linux -> http://goo.gl/HbppO
[TOOL] Python tools for penetration testers -> http://goo.gl/dzgPE


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