4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.01.11 ("B.E.L." edition)

[POST] Predictions 2011: Privacy, IPv6 and Security -> http://goo.gl/iWOPb
[ONLINE] Application whitelisting -> http://goo.gl/Q4pLh
[POST] XSS-Track: How to quietly track a whole website through single XSS -> http://goo.gl/CCGOo
[POST] XSS-Track as a HTML5 WebSockets traffic sniffer -> http://goo.gl/hTEF6
[PAPER] TDL4 Analysis Paper: a brief introduction and How to Debug it (Andrea Allievi, 2010) -> http://goo.gl/ZG9So
[METASPLOIT] drivesploit: drive-by download testing framework for metasploit -> http://goo.gl/XX65S
[PS3] How To: Jailbreak PS3 running 3.55 firmware (thanx fellow Cretan Alien!) -> http://goo.gl/WgrJw
[SCRIPT] fwsnort 1.5: Application Layer IDS/IPS with iptables -> http://goo.gl/izy2R
[PAPER] Darknets and hidden servers: Identifying the true IP/network identity of I2P service hosts -> http://goo.gl/qFtkX
[PODCAST] SE Podcast #017 – Dissecting The Art of Human Hacking -> http://goo.gl/x9QC3
[TOOL] Closure Compiler: JavaScript optimizing compiler -> http://goo.gl/c1wHa
[INFO] Using Kinect with MIT’s Scratch (visual programming language) -> http://goo.gl/BivTo
[POST] Exploit Packs Run on Java Juice -> http://goo.gl/7ZIZu
[NEWS] Fine Gael web hack leads to loss of personal details of almost 4000 users -> http://goo.gl/tXevX
[DISCLOSURE] Silicon Graphics Inc (SGI) – IRIX – Local Kernel Memory Disclosure/Denial of Service -> http://goo.gl/KUrTU
[TOOL] Graudit v1.8 released: finds potential security flaws in source code using grep -> http://goo.gl/jv2Vw
[NEWS] Facebook virus spreads via photo album chat messages -> http://goo.gl/Q4UPF
[METASPLOIT] Meterpreter script for grabbing wifi profiles from Win7 and Vista -> http://goo.gl/KqFUv
[INFO] Spotify vs OllyDbg -> http://goo.gl/hkqID
[INFO] Facebook’s “messaging platform” is broken and they won’t acknowledge it -> http://goo.gl/VOPqs


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