4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.01.12 ("that should be enough" edition)

[UPDATE] Havij v1.14: an automated SQL Injection tool -> http://goo.gl/IIbyz
[UPDATE] NetworkScanViewer v1.0.5: GUI application to view results of nessus (v4) and nmap (v5) -> http://goo.gl/4aNaR
[EXPLOIT] MS10-081: Windows Common Control Library (Comctl32) Heap Overflow -> http://goo.gl/rTcLM , http://goo.gl/d9p87
[EXPLOIT] Local Solaris Kernel Root Exploit (< 5.10 138888-01) -> http://goo.gl/8mlKM
[POST] Adobe Sandbox Protection Hacked -> http://goo.gl/hPAPC
[INFO] Running a full pentesting environment in your Android phone -> http://goo.gl/stlXB
[PODCAST] ISD Podcast #297 -> http://goo.gl/FUoYj
[POST] Seven Cool Open Source Projects for Defenders -> http://goo.gl/r80Pa
[UPDATE] Digital Forensics Framework v0.9.0: digital forensics works, including file recovery -> http://goo.gl/JzJvB
[POST] List of Best 2011 Free Antivirus Software: Version 1 -> http://goo.gl/xzt8M
[INFO] Waking up the Sleeping Dragon – Vulnerability in Chinese SCADA Software -> http://goo.gl/4drvr , http://goo.gl/ylCLX
[VIDEO] XSSF – Stealing ANDROID SD Card files -> http://goo.gl/UdfMp
[TOOL] OpenDLP v0.2.5 released: data loss prevention tool -> http://goo.gl/vLktY
[TOOL] Process Hacker v2.10 released -> manipulating processes and services on your computer -> http://goo.gl/yAiCn
[ADVISORY] Path disclousure in Pixelpost -> http://goo.gl/fb/RTcMZ
[ADVISORY] File Content Disclosure in Pixelpost http://goo.gl/fb/0vfYS
[ADVISORY] XSS in Pixelpost -> http://goo.gl/fb/mjym8
[ADVISORY] XSS in Pivotx -> http://goo.gl/fb/9T4bY
[ADVISORY] XSS in Pivotx -> http://goo.gl/fb/SZNyi
[ADVISORY] Path disclousure in Pivotx -> http://goo.gl/fb/rQC7Z
[ADVISORY] Path disclousure in Pligg CMS -> http://goo.gl/fb/E1tJp
[NEWS] #grhack becomes private -> http://goo.gl/c02pO , http://goo.gl/b9Aul
[TOOL] DarkComet-RAT 3.0 released (Impressive RAT tool) -> http://goo.gl/ACgi4
[TOOL] FuzzOr: The Oracle Fuzzing Tool -> http://goo.gl/LSeRC
[INFO] Dumping the RMI Registry with NMAP -> http://goo.gl/b6b1Y
[INFO] OpenVAS OMP implementation in Ruby -> http://goo.gl/WNrH2
[POST] Dating an intrusion with flow data -> http://goo.gl/9eZ9w
[SCRIPT] Simple LAN Scanner 1.0: python script that leverages scapy for discovering live hosts on a network -> http://goo.gl/OwKr2
[POST] Windows Kernel-mode GS Cookies and 1 bit of entropy -> http://goo.gl/wATXt , http://goo.gl/pv6fg , http://goo.gl/BFVtN
[INFO] Vulnerability in Windows Backup Manager Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2478935) -> http://goo.gl/fRVll
[INFO] Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Data Access Components Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2451910) -> http://goo.gl/02sc3
[TOOL] T50 Sukhoi PAK FA Mixed Packet Injector v2.45r-H2HC -> http://goo.gl/0bB1m
[POST] Real Help for your Network’s IPv6 Transition -> http://goo.gl/iNoW3
[ONLINE] AutoDiff: automated binary differential analysis -> http://goo.gl/LyKeB
[POST] Tracking and understanding security related defects -> http://goo.gl/j8mxT


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