4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.01.13 (200+ edition)

I wanna thank totalXAKER magazine for once more ’cause with just a mention the number of visits on 41i3n’s posterous went “sky high”!

[DISTRO] DEFT Linux 6 Released -> http://goo.gl/15Tm7
[ADVISORY] 16 kernel vulns in one advisory -> http://goo.gl/d8fcr
[POST] Solving problems with proc -> http://goo.gl/NN3B4
[ADVISORY] Microsoft Internet Explorer MSADO CacheSize Remote Code Execution Vulnerability -> http://goo.gl/eJTu8
[ADVISORY] New workaround included in Security Advisory 2488013 -> http://goo.gl/deh2a
[INFO] PS3 JailBreak Step-by-Step (ver3.55) -> http://goo.gl/HfYIa
[POST] HeapLocker: NOP Sled Detection -> http://goo.gl/jRdvY
[NEWS] Hacker Code Lingered on Home Depot Website -> http://goo.gl/xPgJf
[NEWS] Geohot being prosecuted by Sony for the PS3 crack -> http://goo.gl/iFcTs
[POST] Detecting Malice with ModSecurity: CSRF Attacks -> http://goo.gl/pIwMw
[UPDATE] OWASP Zed Attack Proxy 1.2.0 released: find vulnerabilities in web applications -> http://goo.gl/xTwxL
[POST] A Firesheep Overview -> http://goo.gl/xS8rX
[POST] Continuous web application security scanning with Netsparker and TeamCity -> http://goo.gl/in2Mm
[UPDATE] Wireshark 1.4.3 & Wireshark 1.2.14 released -> http://goo.gl/J48Oz
[PAPER] Oddities of PHP file access in Windows -> http://goo.gl/erP5R
[TOOL] aidsql v01102011 released: PHP application to detect security holes in a website -> http://goo.gl/iBgdn
[POST] Jeremiah Grossman’s Application Security Conundrum -> http://goo.gl/dJjTI
[EXPLOIT] Nokia Multimedia Player ‘.npl’ File Heap Buffer Overflow Vulnerability -> http://goo.gl/9Ql00
[INFO] Nexus: An Operating System for Trustworthy Computing -> http://goo.gl/E0FmA
[INFO] ZORG, new C++ and Java ZRTP implementation public release -> http://goo.gl/lBHXw
[UPDATE] Graudit v1.9 released: simple script and signature sets that finds security flaws in source code using the GNU utility grep -> http://goo.gl/n1p6f
[PAPER] Reducing Organizational Risk Through VirtualPatching -> http://goo.gl/xpuJo
[NEWS] Microsoft fights Apple trademark on ‘App Store’ -> http://goo.gl/UeAKS
[TOOL] Netsparker Community Edition v1.7.2.13 released: Web Application Security Scanner -> http://goo.gl/yfS36
[POST] Cracking WPA Protected Wi-Fi in 6 Minutes using the Cloud -> http://goo.gl/DSJtA
[METASPLOIT] jsploit – Java JRuby integration -> http://goo.gl/s0zJH
[INFO] How-to send HTML email, XSS testing WebMail systems -> http://goo.gl/y1Zqm
[INFO] CLASH – CLoud Admin SHell (Alpha v1)- A Universal (Win/Mac/Lin) Shell for VMware vCenter/vSphere written in JRuby -> http://goo.gl/sM41z
[UPDATE] Witchxtool 1.1: Port/LFI/SQL Scanner And MD5 Bruteforcer in Perl -> http://goo.gl/SqyHq
[VIDEO] News Key Recovery Attacks on RC4/WEP -> http://goo.gl/7E3DQ
[POST] Why You Should Never Search For Free WordPress Themes in Google or Anywhere Else -> http://goo.gl/uIRHO
[INFO] Wireless Security Tools -> http://goo.gl/QQ1WW
[POST] MS11-002 Pwn2Own heap overflow -> http://goo.gl/LlaPw
[FUN] The Gallery of Exploding Servers (videos) -> http://goo.gl/BZsx9
[EVENT] hackfest3: live by the code -> http://goo.gl/UbZVo


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