4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.01.14 (*useless as never before* edition)

[NEWS] Google Chrome pays its first $3133.7 bug bounty for a critical bug -> http://goo.gl/2zBRC
[POST] Penetration Testing IPV6 Networks -> http://goo.gl/o6etP
[POST] Simulating “Good” Packet Fragmentation -> http://goo.gl/WysDL
[EXPLOIT] MS11-002: Microsoft Data Access Components Vulnerability -> http://goo.gl/0tf11
[TOOL] OllySocketTrace: Capturing client-server conversations with OllyDbg -> http://goo.gl/hcWCA
[NEWS] Sony after Geohot (thanx @Erethon for the heads up!) -> http://goo.gl/C3pSq
[VIDEO] HTTP Graph: A Gephi plugin -> http://goo.gl/IwU9J
[TOOL] MS-patch-tools: Vulnerability research tools for Microsoft bulletins -> http://goo.gl/7MnSW
[METASPLOIT] Metasploit payload delivery with WMI -> http://goo.gl/LuQWB
[INFO] In-memory extraction of SSL private keys -> http://goo.gl/lt11R
[NEWS] SAINT Announces Official Support for Mac OS X -> http://goo.gl/l0UfN
[NEWS] Adobe (finally) makes it easier to delete Flash cookies -> http://goo.gl/2TbAP
[TOOL] ARP Alert 2.0.11: uses ARP address monitoring to help prevent unauthorized connections -> http://goo.gl/NZHsX
[POST] Schneier on Security – Attacking High-Frequency Trading Networks -> http://goo.gl/0l4Uw
[INFO] Log all .htaccess/.htpasswd logins -> http://goo.gl/VV4QI
[DISTRO] REMnux v2: Linux distro for malware analysis -> http://goo.gl/xCZGS
[TOOL] AT4RE Kernel Detective v1.4.1 -> http://goo.gl/twp3S
[TOOL] SpiderLabs yara-ruby – Ruby bindings for the yara file analysis and classification library -> http://goo.gl/XeLd3
[INFO] Another local priv escalation vuln in Sudo => http://goo.gl/ZnfQ4
[ADVISORY] XSRF (CSRF) in KaiBB -> http://goo.gl/fb/j4c2u
[ADVISORY] Path disclousure in Hycus CMS -> http://goo.gl/fb/f7SXR
[ADVISORY] Path disclousure in DBHcms -> http://goo.gl/fb/hoNiE
[ADVISORY] Path disclousure in BLOG:CMS -> http://goo.gl/fb/8HVYQ
[NEWS] Virus Scanning USB Sticks -> http://goo.gl/FgLDZ
[EXPLOIT] Stuxnet MS10-073/CVE-2010-2743 Exploit Released -> http://goo.gl/RJF1K


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