4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.01.17 (*LUCKY-13* edition)

[INFO] RFID YubiKey: USB key with RFID functionality -> http://goo.gl/nAW1K
[INFO] Session Hijacking Basics -> http://goo.gl/9aBEE
[ADVISORY] Seo Panel 2.2.0 Cross Site Scripting -> http://goo.gl/XWlG3
[ADVISORY] Viart Shop 4.0.5 Cross Site Request Forgery -> http://goo.gl/wJGO7
[ADVISORY] CompactCMS 1.4.1 Cross Site Scripting / File Disclosure -> http://goo.gl/2zmyp
[NEWS] Samsung Must Come Clean on Android Updates -> http://goo.gl/XQnLx
[TOOL] OpenDNSSEC 1.2.0: tool that manages the security of domain names on the Internet -> http://goo.gl/PGjTM
[ONLINE] JSLint: The JavaScript Code Quality Tool -> http://goo.gl/0y0eN
[POST] A quick & dirty guide to malware (part 1: trojans) -> http://goo.gl/n9LTZ
[POST] A quick & dirty guide to malware (part 2: viruses) -> http://goo.gl/YiAtC
[INFO] Loading a DLL from memory -> http://goo.gl/nSbMT
[UPDATE] Security Onion 20110116 -> http://goo.gl/DH5b3
[VIDEO] HOWTO break Kindle book DRM -> http://goo.gl/H9QQT


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