4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.01.18 (*35-in-a-row* edition)

[ONLINE] c y b e r s n i p e r research labs, links to *hacker* sites -> http://goo.gl/rzwWB
[ONLINE] SANS: Information Security Reading Room – Computer Security White Papers -> http://goo.gl/LV3mX
[POST] Using Uninitialized Memory for Fun and Profit -> http://goo.gl/7U5Xr
[TOOL] Generic tracer 0.5 beta: trace each instruction in function and collect all interesting values from registers and memory -> http://goo.gl/KGHbX
[TOOL] KB SSL Enforcer: Google Chrome extension that redirects you to the SSL (TLS) part of a website if available -> http://goo.gl/ztK8a
[NEWS] Windows 7 SP1 RTM Leaks in the Wild -> http://goo.gl/b8PWT
[PRESENTATION] Universal HTTP DoS – OWASP 2011 (PPT) -> http://goo.gl/orIPe
[SCRIPT] ChunkCheck – The Futile Fuzzer -> http://goo.gl/sx0t1
[PAPER] Web application vulnerabilities in context of browser extensions (PDF) -> http://goo.gl/QQhoV
[POST] re-BOOT This Year Clean: Trojan-DOS/Bootroot analysis of an MBR bootkit -> http://goo.gl/XKNx0
[POST] Command Line Kung-Fu – Episode #129: Writing on the Wall -> http://goo.gl/aimwX
[VIDEO] Hosting Hidden Services in I2P: eepSites and SSH -> http://goo.gl/3FZLR
[NEWS] China Facing Problems With Android Handsets & Pre-installed Trojans -> http://goo.gl/YAjzp
[POST] Cyberwar hype is obscuring real security threats -> http://goo.gl/7OR0P
[INFO] Cryptome posts Security specifications of Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 (Google Docs PDF) -> http://goo.gl/HXWBU
[NEWS] Tor project releases update to close critical hole -> http://goo.gl/Brvaw
[VIDEO] Damn Vulnerable Web App – Brute Force with FireForce -> http://goo.gl/hXwEh
[POST] New info on Stuxnet -> http://goo.gl/CcDFc
[NEWS] Dancho Danchev has been found -> http://goo.gl/UVfLi
[TOOL] reDuh: TCP circuit through validly formed HTTP requests -> http://goo.gl/7uiTC
[POST] Who’s who of bad password practices – banks, airlines and more -> http://goo.gl/gxdJp
[CHEAT SHEET] Network Address Translation (NAT) -> http://goo.gl/PULVK
[INFO] Building a RJ-45 Ethernet cable of a specific length -> http://goo.gl/wlrp3
[CHEAT SHEET] Troubleshooting Human Communications Tips -> http://goo.gl/o7u5o
[CHEAT SHEET] Collection -> http://goo.gl/3G7By
[INFO] Why you should always encrypt your smartphone -> http://goo.gl/FibgG
[POST] Keyless car entry systems can be hacked easily, elegantly -> http://goo.gl/s0owQ
[NEWS] French Internet Service Provider Orange throttling Megaupload traffic -> http://goo.gl/CNWAq
[POST] Keeping Track of Your Threads -> http://goo.gl/kG3jU
[POST] ATM Skimmers, Up Close -> http://goo.gl/cwOrB
[INFO] Carberp malware kit is better than Zeus, encrypts network traffic -> http://goo.gl/fb/jbA2P
[POST] Top Ten Web Hacking Techniques of 2010 -> http://goo.gl/XJLdZ
[UPDATE] Armitage 1/18/11: optional table view for targets, post module support, sysinfo populates DB host OS -> http://goo.gl/sYZIR
[POST] Setting up your own SAP Netweaver test lab -> http://goo.gl/JaeCc
[METASPLOIT] MSFU Updates – January 2011 -> http://goo.gl/fZBdM


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