4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links (*NO* edition)


Fellow Earthlings!

   After 3 months (over 100 days) of continuous daily posting (well almost daily) it’s time for this alien to take some time off and make some social calls.

   2010 was for me a year of tragedy, including personal losses (my beloved MU-TH-ER is gone) and life disappointments. This posting/blogging attempt proved to be a therapeutic routine. It kept me away from dealing with my problems the hard way, kept my mind busy and my act together. In many ways it was a great escape from reality, working on non other than my favorite subject, infosec. Throughout these months the feedback was great and the fun even better. I came close to many people sharing common interests, mentality and passion for *geekiness*!

  Lately though I keep thinking I have to put my life back on track. With my psychological trauma feeling so much better, I now realize I was unintentionally cut off from my friends, *alienated* sort of speak! I have convinced my self that an attempt to cue back and reunite with friends is worth a shot. With that in mind I have concluded to some decisions:

  • I will take some days off posting/blogging (about a week) and visit close friends.
  • I’m gonna keep this blog on a regular basis but probably not daily. That will give me enough time to set everything straight and on the other hand focus in really interesting infosec matters.
  • I will revamp this blog with new fun columns (some thoughts include original posts by me, geek quote of the day, open discussions etc) and for that any feedback is welcome. My goal is to make visitors stay more and visit back regularly by finding interesting stuff here.

With that in mind very soon I’m gonna jump on Nostromo (above, a dear gift from my dad) and travel around, hoping for a clear mind and a healed wound.

P.S.: I’m leaving you for now with some relics i found in Nostromo that belong to unware victims of *untold* engagements!



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