Facebook photo exploit allows you to view any albums of non-friends (by Brad Sams via Neowin.net)


Facebook has a plethora of personal information that when any exploit, no matter how small, surfaces, it can become a huge security risk. A new exploit has surfaced that allows anyone to access any photo album of non-friends as long as you have the link. 

A user on Reddit has posted the above image and Neowin has verified that it does indeed work. By following the simple steps, you can bypass the security of Facebook and view photos of others online. The exploit comes hot on the heels of Facebook increasing its security by using https.

The above exploit is just the latest in attempts to bypass the popular social networking sites security. Facebook has come under fire in the past for its questionable security practices because of the amount of information the website contains.

Facebook is a great tool for staying connected to friends and family, but because of the information on the site, it is also a great tool for identity thieves. You should always be aware that any information you place online can be viewed by anyone who has the determination to find it, it’s only a matter of time.

Original post: http://www.neowin.net/news/facebook-photo-exploit-allows-you-to-view-any-albums-of-non-friends


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