4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.01.29 (*back-in-business* edition)

[PAPER] Attacking Oracle Web Applications with Metasploit (PDF) -> http://goo.gl/R4YJP
[UPDATE] L0phtCrack v6.0.11 available -> http://goo.gl/8cYpl
[DISTRO] Debian GNU/Linux 5.0.8 released -> http://goo.gl/cGmDB
[INFO] Option to force SSL on all traffic on Facebook, but not yet -> http://goo.gl/UaxoN
[POST] Wireshark SMB capture feature for Windows -> http://goo.gl/ijwl6
[INFO] API Monitor Tutorial: Using Breakpoints to modify application output -> http://goo.gl/BkjoA
[INFO] Regular Expressions with Windows PowerShell -> http://goo.gl/cEIep
[INFO] Facebook photo exploit allows you to view any albums of non-friends -> http://goo.gl/aRzkY
[EXPLOIT] Stored XSS Vulnerability in phpMyAdmin 3.4.x, 3.4.0 beta 2 -> http://goo.gl/Nzeix
[TOOL] PyChecker: Python Code Analysis -> http://goo.gl/qYXmb
[ADVISORY] SQL Injection in RunCMS -> http://goo.gl/fb/WlIbM
[ADVISORY] Path disclosure in RunCMS -> http://goo.gl/fb/aqcdu
[ADVISORY] XSS vulnerability in RunCMS -> http://goo.gl/fb/3kr0D
[POST] Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Fan Page Hacked -> http://goo.gl/y8Lx0
[INFO] PHP Nuke site still infected -> http://goo.gl/91vZd
[EXPLOIT] XSS in www.facebook.com (fixed) -> http://goo.gl/aiks7
[EXPLOIT] XSS in m.facebook.com (unfixed) -> http://goo.gl/xBYJd
[NEWS] Hackers turn back the clock with Telnet attacks -> http://goo.gl/zXPm9
[INFO] Firewall/IDS Evasion and Spoofing with Nmap -> http://goo.gl/4KLvR
[POST] EXT3 File Recovery via Indirect Blocks -> http://goo.gl/gaB76
[NEWS] Sourceforge Attacked and several servers were Compromised -> http://goo.gl/ZJ0z3
[TOOL] Gdbinit v0.1 for iOS (iPad at least :-)) -> http://goo.gl/GoYsm
[WTF!] Windows XP Patch: Snow White & the Seven Dwarves DVD Issue -> http://goo.gl/6Af6j
[VIDEO] Interesting virtual machine escape hacking demo video from NSA -> http://goo.gl/bpM7U
[INFO] MS Attack Surface Analyser review -> http://goo.gl/tx9OP
[NEWS] Happy New Year Geohot – Court Orders Seizure Of PS3 Hacker’s Computers -> http://goo.gl/SgYdL
[EXPLOIT] FreeBSD 8.0 Local Denial of Service (forced reboot) -> http://goo.gl/UehsF
[TOOL] PacketFence v.2.0.1 Released -> http://goo.gl/fb/0S7oQ
[INFO] How to analyze a malicious PDF file using JSunpack-n on REMnux -> http://goo.gl/2OXFP
[UPDATE] The Social-Engineer Toolkit v1.2 “Shakawkaw” Released -> http://goo.gl/lnIjy
[POST] LOIC DDoS Analysis and Detection -> http://goo.gl/XJiif
[VIDEO] Android 2.2 bug exploited with Metasploit/XSSF -> http://goo.gl/OzqWh
[UPDATE] Nmap 5.50 released -> http://goo.gl/7gtjG , http://goo.gl/PGBlY
[POST] Amazon.com Security Flaw Accepts Passwords That Are Close, But Not Exact -> http://goo.gl/qyR2E
[0DAY] Zero day vulnerability found in Windows MHTML renderer -> http://goo.gl/cG3vt


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