4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.01.31 (*Shmoocon* edition)

Just a few links this time mainly because all researchers are at Shmoocon 2011!

[DISCLOSURE] More on Microsoft Internet Explorer MHTML Protocol Handler XSS -> http://goo.gl/AOfh1
[POST] Mac OS Forensics How-To: Simple RAM Acquisition and Analysis with Mac Memory Reader (Part 1) -> http://goo.gl/fckpV
[NEWS] More on Sourceforge.net attack -> http://goo.gl/mwXpP , http://goo.gl/1UXLt
[TOOL] Farebot: Read data from MIFARE public transit cards using your NFC-equipped Android phone -> http://goo.gl/AEnkW
[NEWS] Former Kaspersky Employee Responsible for Leaked Source Code -> http://goo.gl/YOdpf
[SCRIPT] pyOLEScanner 1.3: detect Malicious Office Files -> http://goo.gl/am9dG
[INFO] Carberp Trojan Removes Antivirus Scanners, Other Malware from Host -> http://goo.gl/cCYi6
[INFO] Exclusive interview with Linus Torvalds -> http://goo.gl/41xjq
[PAPER] Plug and Prey: Malicious USB Devices (Shmoocon 2011) -> http://goo.gl/mzmIm
[NEWS] Shmoocon 2011: Overview -> http://goo.gl/NpVJL
[NEWS] Shmoocon 2011: Printer to Pwnd -> http://goo.gl/WE43F
[NEWS] Shmoocon 2011: Printers gone wild! -> http://goo.gl/C34ep
[NEWS] Shmoocon 2011: TEAM JOCH vs. Android – The Ultimate Showdown -> http://goo.gl/DfLmj
[NEWS] Shmoocon 2011: Attacking 3G and 4G mobile telecommunications networks -> http://goo.gl/mbEUn
[NEWS] Shmoocon 2011: Defeating mTANs for profit -> http://goo.gl/eEu17
[NEWS] Shmoocon 2011: URL Enlargement – Is it for you? -> http://goo.gl/h2itx


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