4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.02.03 (*another futile* edition)

Breaking the post barrier tonight with 60 links! Many reasons to be happy! Enjoy!

[ZINE] Hakin9 #02/2011 – Network Security -> http://goo.gl/Mc7eG
[POST] The Honeypot Incident – How strong is your UF (Reversing FU) -> http://goo.gl/8N0eN
[NEWS] Navit: open source car navigation software for Linux, Windows systems and portable devices -> http://goo.gl/EF8gy
[VIDEO] TiGa’s Video Tutorial Series on IDA Pro -> http://goo.gl/zDCR4
[POST] The Importance of HTTP Headers When Investigating Malicious Sites -> http://goo.gl/tfXp0
[POST] Using XSS to steal access -> http://goo.gl/Ma3NE
[POST] Java Hangs When Converting 2.2250738585072012e-308 -> http://goo.gl/lSjzg
[VIDEO] Worlds worst hacker -> http://goo.gl/0HDi5
[VIDEO] Hacker Shows Cool New Trick For the Wii -> http://goo.gl/tolQy
[POST] Flash 10.1 on the Nokia N900 (Maemo) -> http://goo.gl/gizZu
[INFO] Fake Failed Package Delivery Notifications Spread SpyEye -> http://goo.gl/PJej6
[INFO] Access Any Website Or Forum Without Registering -> http://goo.gl/fUgao
[ADVISORY] Path disclosure in Xaraya -> http://goo.gl/fb/Reyyy
[ADVISORY] Multiple XSS vulnerabilities in Photopad -> http://goo.gl/fb/M5d4V
[ADVISORY] Information Disclosure in Arctic Fox CMS -> http://goo.gl/fb/UwJpu
[ADVISORY] Path disclosure in ArtGK CMS -> http://goo.gl/fb/8VVX8
[ADVISORY] Multiple XSS vulnerabilities in Gollos -> http://goo.gl/fb/C7BQV
[ADVISORY] Multiple XSS vulnerabilities in Wikipad -> http://goo.gl/fb/Reh6I
[ADVISORY] File Content Disclosure in Wikipad -> http://goo.gl/fb/7ns15
[PS3] Official PS3 firmware v3.56 has a rootkit -> http://goo.gl/zvaMk
[INFO] Maemo (N900) Must Have Repo List -> http://goo.gl/WgwMB
[INFO] Google: Bing Is Cheating, Copying Our Search Results -> http://goo.gl/vDClI
[PAPER] Hunting rootkits with Windbg (PDF & Script) -> http://goo.gl/JeEk5
[NEWS] Microsoft Blames Yahoo Mail For Windows Phone 7 Data Leak -> http://goo.gl/6z7nb
[ONLINE] Deroko of ARTeam – Tools and Code Repo -> http://goo.gl/ARnqT
[METASPLOIT] Revision #11692: add exploit for VLC media player WebM (CVE-2011-0531) -> http://goo.gl/J3R3N
[POST] BinDiff 3.2.1… fun! -> http://goo.gl/Q0Hbu
[POST] Grepping for bugs in PHP -> http://goo.gl/POwPb
[DISTRO] SIFT 2.0: 2010 Toolsmith Tool of the Year -> http://goo.gl/ZvYHE
[POST] Suricata IPS improvements -> http://goo.gl/sGD3b
[NEWS] Microsoft offers FixIt tool to address newest vulnerability -> http://goo.gl/Nq8AP
[POST] Using nt!_MiSystemVaType to navigate dynamic kernel address space in Windows7 -> http://goo.gl/spcrQ
[METASPLOIT] Feature #3638: Slow HTTP POST Denial Of Service -> http://goo.gl/ObbR4
[SCRIPT] Cool scripts to use with Backtrack 4 -> http://goo.gl/b97uL
[ONLINE] Malware and attack analysis tools -> http://goo.gl/PHBRy
[POST] Google Vulnerability Reward Program: XSS Vulnerability in Google Code Static HTML -> http://goo.gl/WT3Sj
[PAPER] Attacking Server Side XML Parsers (PDF) -> http://goo.gl/Njik9
[POST] Scary, Scary Mobile Banking -> http://goo.gl/xFw4o
[VIDEO] Using Social Networks to Find, Profile and 0wn Your Victims! (Shmoocon 2011) -> http://goo.gl/t56oE
[POST] Turning your N900 (Maemo) Device into SMS Based Botnet as Easy as 123 -> http://goo.gl/p4ZOf
[INFO] NINJA-IDE: A Real Python IDE -> http://goo.gl/s8zKR
[TOOL] NPE File Analyzer v1.0.0.0 released -> http://goo.gl/ISzwy
[TOOL] ProcDump v3.02 released: command-line tool to monitor app CPU spikes -> http://goo.gl/myCeW
[TOOL] Web Browsers Traces Eraser v1.2.0.0 released -> http://goo.gl/VbDtn
[INFO] SMS and the PDU format -> http://goo.gl/CAvrw
[POST] Do-Not-Track (How about piggybacking on the User-Agent?) -> http://goo.gl/TIJSK
[UPDATE] Netbios Share Scanner updated to v0.3 -> http://goo.gl/ifsp9
[INFO] GPU speed estimations for MD5/SHA1/Office 2007/WPA/WinZip/SL3 -> http://goo.gl/WYhPy
[UPDATE] Cain & Abel v4.9.38 released -> http://goo.gl/30SRM
[NEWS] Facebook flaw allowed websites to steal users’ personal data without consent -> http://goo.gl/IoWfk
[TUTORIAL] Hacking Linux with Armitage -> http://goo.gl/WLG8Z
[POST] 900m Internet Explorer users vulnerable to data-stealing hack -> http://goo.gl/6K9rq
[ONLINE] Malware Removal Guide for Windows -> http://goo.gl/Fv6OT
[INFO] Evading CSRF protection using XSS -> http://goo.gl/hch7T
[EXPLOIT] Android 1.x/2.x HTC Wildfire Local Root Exploit -> http://goo.gl/96Ca2
[SCRIPT] Python memory leak detector -> http://goo.gl/lFDkC
[SCRIPT] SL4A: Scripting Layer for Android -> http://goo.gl/OlgA3
[POST] Tracking Malicious IP & Users with OSSEC -> http://goo.gl/ailBJ
[POST] Hackxor hacking game (beta) -> http://goo.gl/ynYbi
[NEWS] Announcing Pwn2Own 2011 -> http://goo.gl/kNVlX


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