4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.02.14 (*Good-things-come-in-50s* edition)

[ONLINE] 42k rootkit.com cleartext passwords -> http://goo.gl/QVWqG , http://goo.gl/nf5fL
[TOOL] Gibber: Off-the-Record Instant Messaging (formerly OtRChat) -> http://goo.gl/W8OLB
[UPDATE] BeEF v0.4.2.2-alpha -> http://goo.gl/vOMOT
[METASPLOIT] Metasploit Framework 3.5.2 Released -> http://goo.gl/wCnsG
[METASPLOIT] armitage.bat does not work with Metasploit 3.5.2 on Windows. Download armitage012111a.zip for a fix -> http://goo.gl/ePZkl
[VIDEO] Lost iPhone? – Lost passwords! (Thanx Vag Mour) -> http://goo.gl/w4etl
[UPDATE] Netsparker is out -> http://goo.gl/H0rA1
[NEWS] Chinese hackers infiltrated five energy firms -> http://goo.gl/UQYCY , http://goo.gl/NsT1J , http://goo.gl/YDfIa
[INFO] More on Project Ubertooth -> http://goo.gl/Kq0LL , http://goo.gl/kw4YF
[ADVISORY] SQL Injection in WP Forum Server wordpress plugin -> http://goo.gl/fb/W8cxy
[ADVISORY] SQL Injection in WP Forum Server wordpress plugin -> http://goo.gl/fb/XLFzs
[ADVISORY] SQL Injection in WP Forum Server wordpress plugin -> http://goo.gl/fb/dIZBz
[ADVISORY] XSS in IWantOneButton wordpress plugin -> http://goo.gl/fb/ViNeQ
[ADVISORY] SQL Injection in IWantOneButton wordpress plugin -> http://goo.gl/fb/qTyEu
[INFO] Free Tools for Managing Windows Server 2008 from Windows 7 -> http://goo.gl/Yb512
[INFO] IE9 Release Candidate Available for Download -> http://goo.gl/9nB9K
[INFO] CSRF: Flash + 307 redirect = Game Over -> http://goo.gl/IfX29
[NEWS] eHarmony Hacked -> http://goo.gl/GfepI
[ONLINE] Signal is the radio station dedicated to hackers, hacking, hacks and everything related -> http://goo.gl/eDQ39
[UPDATE] Snort has been released -> http://goo.gl/fb/zxueP
[TOOL] SQueRT 0.8 has been released -> http://goo.gl/IMR6Z
[TOOL] Web Exploitation Framework -> http://goo.gl/RneZi
[INFO] Advanced sign-in security for your Google account -> http://goo.gl/I91sH
[TUTORIAL] Metasploit WMAP 1.0 (in Italian) -> http://goo.gl/MZR3t
[INFO] Founder of Tor on Why Tor does not yet use a fully distributed model -> http://goo.gl/NCCxJ
[POST] Exploit Kits – A Different View -> http://goo.gl/TlbrP
[EXPLOIT] Linux Kernel ‘ib_uverbs_poll_cq()’ Integer Overflow Vulnerability -> http://goo.gl/58EJ0
[NEWS] Google extensions could aid Java security -> http://goo.gl/q0QST
[POST] Browser plugins and security considerations -> http://goo.gl/vailF
[POST] In depth analysis – decoding HTML Style tag based malicious Iframes -> http://goo.gl/J4tIL
[POST] Blackhole exploits kit attack growing -> http://goo.gl/MWB55
[DRAFT] Analysis of 64 Translation -> http://goo.gl/mdAVp
[POST] Web 2.0 FBI backdoors are bad for national security -> http://goo.gl/tYIKt
[INFO] Build Your Own FreeBSD Update Server -> http://goo.gl/E0eHe
[POST] Facebook open JavaScript hole -> http://goo.gl/Ix6af
[UPDATE] Nmap 5.51 Released -> http://goo.gl/mXu3p
[FUN] Why IT people seems to have a lot of spare time -> http://goo.gl/TZUYI
[POST] How to analyze suspicious PDF files using PDF Stream Dumper -> http://goo.gl/NM7iE
[TOOL] ArcOSI: ArcSight Open Source Intelligence Utility to track malware -> http://goo.gl/5nr9x
[TOOL] Sandbox: Sandbox your JSONP calls to improve mashups security -> http://goo.gl/0Vmf6
[POST] Finding the Heap of an iPhone Application -> http://goo.gl/8PsJ3
[POST] XSS in android google mail app -> http://goo.gl/fJq0H
[INFO] Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday breaks VMware clients -> http://goo.gl/MLj8T
[UPDATE] Dradis v2.6.1 is released -> http://goo.gl/mcC6L
[UPDATE] VERA v0.31 is released -> http://goo.gl/UL1VU
[INFO] Java Midi Malware -> http://goo.gl/tCtZ6
[0DAY] Mac OS X ftpd 0day -> http://goo.gl/SyhkW
[CHALLENGE] Crack The Code Challenge -> http://goo.gl/PxecO
[INFO] Android Reverse Engineering -> http://goo.gl/bzEjI
[INFO] Encrypt Files And Folders In Ubuntu Using Seahorse -> http://goo.gl/N14Hi


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