4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.04.12 (*b4ck-0n-tr4ck* edition)

[ONLINE] Google Hacking entries -> http://goo.gl/EDPCy
[TOOL] Spooftooph v0.4: The Bluetooth Spoofer -> http://goo.gl/z7xwY
[UPDATE] Armitage 04.10.11 -> http://goo.gl/sEfWK
[SHEET] Notes on password strength -> http://goo.gl/JPNQ1
[POST] Understanding EXT4 (Parts 1-4) -> http://goo.gl/0V6jv , http://goo.gl/tJ9ie , http://goo.gl/S8TQr , http://goo.gl/urCCA
[UPDATE] Kismet 2011-03-R2 -> http://goo.gl/RzOeA
[UPDATE] SET v1.3.3 -> http://goo.gl/pNylt
[UPDATE] Cain & Abel v4.9.40 -> http://goo.gl/EfhTt
[RETRO] C64 Reissued as a full blown PC! -> http://goo.gl/lMrhr
[VIDCAST] PaulDotCom #238 – XSS Street Fighting with Ryan Barnett -> http://goo.gl/CS5Vx
[UPDATE] WiFite version r68: The WEP/WPA Cracker -> http://goo.gl/AHBpa
[TOOL] WhatWeb v0.4.8: CMS fingerprint -> http://goo.gl/6Et03
[TOOL] CryptoNark v0.4.1: SSL scanner/reporter -> http://goo.gl/gxCtI
[POST] CSS and XSS in Melodious Harmony -> http://goo.gl/U51eR
[TOOL] Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) -> http://goo.gl/O2eB7
[iOS] Keylogger for the iOS -> http://goo.gl/OKJLn
[POST] Chinese Magical Hard-Drive! -> http://goo.gl/JZdJK
[GIF] Real men code with MS Paint! -> http://goo.gl/hLMsq
[TOOL] RawCap sniffer for Windows released -> http://goo.gl/Y093V
[POST] Download and Execute shellcode on Windows 7 -> http://goo.gl/YZ3bz
[POST] Blind SQLi techniques -> http://goo.gl/hNzlw
[POST] Dropbox authentication: insecure by design (post & PoC code) -> http://goo.gl/Tn6FI , http://goo.gl/vs2bi
[TOOL] Sqlmap v.0.9 Released -> http://goo.gl/ziGZo
[NEWS] Apple AirPlay Private Key Exposed – HURRY UP! (post & key) -> http://goo.gl/Mq6rr , http://goo.gl/lxTc7


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