4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.04.15 (*4-Bi11* edition)

This edition is dedicated to Bill, a good friend whose positive attitude lit the spark back and helped me through dark times. Thanx buddy, we’ll be in touch!

[ADVISORY] Security Advisory for Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Acrobat (CVE-2011-0611) & update -> http://goo.gl/VqCHD , http://goo.gl/10emp
[POST] Network Forensic Analysis of SSL MITM Attacks -> http://goo.gl/CXhQq
[DISCLOSURE] Linksys WRT54G Password Disclosure -> http://goo.gl/XRrjZ
[HOAX?] New *UNLOCK NOW FREE* iOS Virus Deleting Phone/SIM Content -> http://goo.gl/dTRS8
[INFO] iDroid Project (Android for iPhone – thanx @Erethon) -> http://goo.gl/GIUmR
[TOOL] nginx-1.0.0 stable version has been released! -> http://goo.gl/qGVGn
[NEWS] Milw0rm and inj3ct0r Merge Into 1337day.com -> http://goo.gl/Vgub9
[ADVISORY] Microsoft Office File Validation (MSA2501584) -> http://goo.gl/cRKS7
[ADVISORY] Windows Operating System Loader Update (MSA2506014) -> http://goo.gl/6qtOh
[NEWS] Commercial firewalls found vulnerable under TCP Split Handshake -> http://goo.gl/JjYCK , http://goo.gl/knjEb
[NEWS] WordPress.com/Automattic suffered a low-level (root access) compromise -> http://goo.gl/7fKed
[NEWS] Toshiba releases self-erasing drives -> http://goo.gl/ateFT
[INFO] SQLmap and TOR mini tutorial (kudos to Nicolas Krassas) -> http://goo.gl/0ZHkc
[PAPER] Attacking Oracle Web Applications with Metasploit (PDF) -> http://goo.gl/Xt41I
[POST] Execute Metasploit payloads bypassing any anti-virus -> http://goo.gl/K7ZW2


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