4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.06.14 (*two-in-a-row* edition)

[POST] Harry Potter and the Rogue anti-virus: Part 1 -> http://goo.gl/3Trq3
[POST] Cracking The Credit Card Code -> http://goo.gl/FiPeJ
[UPDATE] Security Onion: The IDS Bootable DVD v20110607 released -> http://goo.gl/0SZAt
[MAG] HITB #6 out now -> http://goo.gl/A4R1E
[POST] Facebook Vulnerability – Session sidejacking -> http://goo.gl/9dcmf
[TOOL] Inguma v.0.3 Released -> http://goo.gl/fb/jdF8I
[NEWS] Turkey police arrests 32 Anonymous hackers for DDoS attack -> http://goo.gl/fb/NE4pz
[PODCAST] SEPodcast #23 -> http://goo.gl/Qv5WP
[INFO] DECT Sniffing with BackTrack 5 (tutorial and video) -> http://goo.gl/c2I5O , http://goo.gl/jO3Es
[EXPLOIT] Microsoft WinXP SP2/SP3 Local System Privilege Escalation (thanx @lefterispan) -> http://goo.gl/iHJGK
[INFO] Black Hat 2011 USA briefings and schedule -> http://goo.gl/HzVjv , http://goo.gl/OZ0hu
[INFO] Microsoft’s 2nd big Patch Tuesday of the year -> http://goo.gl/Ywl2Q
[NEWS] Lulzsec strikes again? senate.gov hacked -> http://goo.gl/4N3zs
[UPDATE] The Sleuth Kit v3.2.3 Released -> http://goo.gl/ZL08c
[POST] Remote rootkit detection (thanx @dinosn) -> http://goo.gl/uTdng
[NEWS] Hack attack: Now Epic Games suffers security breach -> http://goo.gl/PP2do
[POST] Remote DLL Injection with Meterpreter -> http://goo.gl/UQlYU
[POST] How to crash EXPLORER.EXE on all Windows versions -> http://goo.gl/bVD1I
[POST] Why NULL points to 0? -> http://goo.gl/Y7R5o
[POST] Reversing LSASS in-memory hashes -> http://goo.gl/wjhtC


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