4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.06.27 (*almost-550* edition)

[TOOL] Wi-Fi Network Backup Manager will back up and restores your saved Wi-Fi networks with a few clicks -> http://goo.gl/K3ipL
[NEWS] The End of Lulz? -> http://goo.gl/UQnCW , http://goo.gl/1rx75
[NEWS] LulzSec/gn0sis owned? -> http://goo.gl/xzv5A
[WIKI] Everything about web service attacks -> http://goo.gl/QRvV6
[NEWS] Hackers break into Tony Blair’s webmail server, disclose former PM’s address book -> http://goo.gl/Jsz18
[INFO] JtR GPU patches -> http://goo.gl/lVFo6
[TOOL] Dropbox Reader: Free Dropbox Forensics Tool -> http://goo.gl/PkIky
[UPDATE] Skipfish 2.00b released -> http://goo.gl/b7I48
[TOOL] XSSF Cross-Site Scripting Framework v2.0 released -> http://goo.gl/GgwqB
[POST] Javascript Deobfucation Tools (Parts 1 & 2) -> http://goo.gl/uUYmr , http://goo.gl/sB45d
[POST] Android NFC data forensics – More fun with SQLite -> http://goo.gl/LulVQ
[POST] How precious is your BlackBerry PIN? -> http://goo.gl/D2yPG
[HOW-TO] Nokia N900 Ovi Map enhancement -> http://goo.gl/OwCq8
[TOOL] Cree.py: the Geolocation Information Aggregator -> http://goo.gl/ytdyw
[INFO] Xming: X Server for Windows -> http://goo.gl/krBx2
[ONLINE] Pinczakko’s Guide to Award BIOS Reverse Engineering -> http://goo.gl/uLZMz
[INFO] Long awaited IBM DB2 support now in sqlmap -> http://goo.gl/j48EP
[CON] Media from Notacon 8 (2011) is now online -> http://goo.gl/CPh0o
[POST] Netragard’s Hacker Interface Device (HID) -> http://goo.gl/whj1K
[NEWS] Google is testing self-driving cars! -> http://goo.gl/gKQrD


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