4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.07.12 (*unique editions* edition)

[SCRIPT] TLSSLed v1.1: Script to assess the security of a target SSL/TLS implementation from a HTTPS web server -> http://goo.gl/UMXPp
[DISTRO] Live CD for RFID hacking on the go (thanx mr.pr0n) -> http://goo.gl/qlRW3
[INFO] InnoDB subsystems in color -> http://goo.gl/E9IUx
[POST] Chrome Extensions for Security Professionals -> http://goo.gl/UER9N
[POST] Reverse Engineering VxWorks Firmware (WRT54Gv8) -> http://goo.gl/uzvel
[HOW-TO] Set Up A Web-Based Enterprise Password Manager Protected By Two-Factor Authentication -> http://goo.gl/lbu30
[METASPLOIT] Rev. 13135: built in John the Ripper support -> http://goo.gl/oyzn3
[POST] Facts and myths about antivirus evasion with Metasploit -> http://goo.gl/NM8kP
[EXPLOIT] phpMyAdmin 3.x Swekey Remote Code Injection Exploit -> http://goo.gl/N6Aof
[POST] Binary Planting Goes “Any File Type” -> http://goo.gl/fS3fI
[POST] Reversing Jailbreakme.com 4.3.3 -> http://goo.gl/x5ckq
[NEWS] David Beckham official website hacked -> http://goo.gl/v7CiQ , http://goo.gl/OqwXj
[NEWS] Microsoft: No botnet is indestructible -> http://goo.gl/dtwT6
[POST] Metasploit 3.4 and SET 0.6.1 on iPhone 4 -> http://goo.gl/5shrc
[SCRIPT] Update Script for Backtrack 5 -> http://goo.gl/7p4tX
[UPDATE] Python 3.2.1 is released -> http://goo.gl/OxPkh
[NEWS] WashingtonPost jobs site attacked -> http://goo.gl/B6ecx
[SHEET] Netcat cheat sheet -> http://goo.gl/aaPaJ
[BOOK] Metasploit: The Penetration Tester’s Guide -> http://goo.gl/KkQYx
[POST] Backdooring Win7 and LotusNotes 8.5.x using Uniscribe dll path spoofing -> http://goo.gl/M5Zxy
[POST] Abusing Password Resets -> http://goo.gl/paS55
[POST] HTML 5 – XSSQL attack -> http://goo.gl/7okn8
[POST] New SMS Trojan Targeting Android Users -> http://goo.gl/r8cu0


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