4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.07.14 (*nevermind* edition)

[POST] Cross domain content extraction with fake captcha -> http://goo.gl/uNHwZ
[POST] Making NMap Results Useful and Manageable! -> http://goo.gl/4hcu1
[POST] phpMyAdmin 3.x Multiple Remote Code Executions -> http://goo.gl/iNJrm
[BULLETIN] Guidelines for protecting Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) firmware (NIST – PDF) -> http://goo.gl/0vyDu
[POST] XSSF: Expanding the Attack Surface of XSS -> http://goo.gl/ZfC1s
[ARTICLE] Windows x64 Shellcode -> http://goo.gl/e8nG8
[INFO] Botan C++ Crypto Algorithms Library 1.10.1 -> http://goo.gl/p3PP1
[INFO] Anonymity with Backtrack 5 -> http://goo.gl/X3F8s
[POST] Digital Evidence Discrepancies – Casey Anthony Trial -> http://goo.gl/nOEd4
[POST] CVE-2011-1281: A story of a Windows CSRSS Privilege Escalation vulnerability -> http://goo.gl/qgLVG
[NEWS] Military Meltdown Monday: 90K Military Usernames, Hashes Released -> http://goo.gl/SLtZN
[UPDATE] Razorback 0.2RC available -> http://goo.gl/RUum3
[VULN] Microsoft Windows Kernel ‘Win32k.sys’ (CVE-2011-1885) Local Privilege Escalation -> http://goo.gl/pjcB9
[VULN] Microsoft Windows CSRSS ‘SrvWriteConsoleOutput()’ Local Privilege Escalation -> http://goo.gl/D9mwq
[VULN] Microsoft Windows Bluetooth Stack ‘bthport.sys’ Driver Remote Code Execution -> http://goo.gl/fJIx2
[POST] Cracking Mac OS X Passwords -> http://goo.gl/nCypo
[HOW-TO] A Guide to Building a Socket 1155 z68x Hackintosh Running Apple’s Next Gen OS – Lion -> http://goo.gl/Hs9ce
[POST] Wiretapping and Cryptography Today -> http://goo.gl/K47fD
[UPDATE] PuTTY 0.61 is released -> http://goo.gl/M3I0F
[POST] Decrypting Carberp C&C communication -> http://goo.gl/mwUNg
[NEWS] Vodafone Hacked – Root Password published -> http://goo.gl/6GFVI
[POST] Mitigating Slow HTTP DoS Attacks -> http://goo.gl/XfnxA


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