4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.07.31 (*Se>x<curity* edition)

A big thanx to Ariskos Kosm for suggesting this edition’s name!

[INFO] Session Management Cheat Sheet (by OWASP) -> http://goo.gl/HlyZ5
[NEWS] Rapid7 announces Metasploit Pro 4.0 -> http://goo.gl/kXHfQ
[POST] ModSecurity SQL Injection Challenge: Lessons Learned -> http://goo.gl/E1jYL
[POST] Password Cracking in Metasploit with John the Ripper -> http://goo.gl/5ddik
[NEWS] Lulzec’s Topiary arrested -> http://goo.gl/2lx4c , http://goo.gl/YmRPb
[NEWS] … or not! -> http://goo.gl/tPTjK , http://goo.gl/NM9NQ
[PRESENTATION] Hacking IPv6 Networks (from HiP2011 con) -> http://goo.gl/Ggaoq
[SCRIPT] Apache Log Extractor: export URL information from Apache access logs -> http://goo.gl/o7lDA
[TOOL] Xdebug: debug your PHP scripts -> http://goo.gl/iDBAs
[UPDATE] Netsparker 2.0 has arrived! -> http://goo.gl/2OMEI
[NEWS] Stolen USB stick contained police investigation details -> http://goo.gl/BhakB
[TOOL] Online Local File Inclusion Scanner -> http://goo.gl/W735y
[POST] “Activate Skype”. Or not… -> http://goo.gl/r2A1R
[NEWS] Flying Drone Can Crack Wi-Fi Networks, Snoop On Cell Phones -> http://goo.gl/j9jd9
[POST] Infographic: A Deeper Look at Malware Networks -> http://goo.gl/HDhX1
[POST] IR communications tutorial -> http://goo.gl/lhKRx
[GADGET] Throwing Star LAN Tap -> http://goo.gl/f2XXN
[NEWS] Anonymous steals 390MB from U.S. cybersecurity contractor ManTech -> http://goo.gl/hKHRt
[POST] Sophisticated injection abuses the Twitter trend service -> http://goo.gl/jGAfs
[TOOL] Revolutionary: tool to S-Off and NAND unlock most modern HTC devices -> http://goo.gl/A6UEz
[POST] Drag and Drop Vulnerability in MS11-050 -> http://goo.gl/qVUYz


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