4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.08.06 (*Extraterrestrial* edition)

A big thanx to Yiannis Cybertronic for suggesting this edition’s name!

[NEWS] Pwnie Awards 2011 -> http://goo.gl/wEYN5 , http://goo.gl/1APYx
[POST] Integrating Nessus with BackTrack 5’s Tools -> http://goo.gl/7qOv3
[BULLETIN] Infected Cisco Information Packet and Warranty CDs -> http://goo.gl/MRThT
[POST] Zbot illustrated -> http://goo.gl/3rZlP
[POST] Arduino Hacking for the Big Boys (Part 1) -> http://goo.gl/XLs6z
[NEWS] U.S. Federal Agencies Look to Hire Hackers at Defcon -> http://goo.gl/PNAlK
[INFO] Local Session Hijacking (thanx m3g9tr0n #1) -> http://goo.gl/GpdEl
[PAPER] Cross-Site Scripting Papers (kinda old) -> http://goo.gl/BJrYZ
[POST] The Art of ARP Spoofing/Flooding/Poisoning (thanx m3g9tr0n #2) -> http://goo.gl/DYQul
[PAPER] Don’t Drop the SOAP: Real World Web Service Testing (Black Hat USA 2011) -> http://goo.gl/amFmu
[PAPER] Userland Hooking in Windows -> http://goo.gl/skgbu
[PRESENTATION] Kaminsky: Black Ops of TCP/IP (Black Hat USA 2011) -> http://goo.gl/l2KpF
[POST] Web framework HTML escaping to mitigate XSS -> http://goo.gl/yhfPD
[POST] HTTP Pipelining Today (thanx m3g9tr0n #3) -> http://goo.gl/vorch
[HOW-TO] How to Make a Wi-Fi Booster Using Only a Beer Can -> http://goo.gl/BN03s
[POST] Lion DiskMaker Creates Mac OS X Lion Install DVDs and Thumb Drives Automatically -> http://goo.gl/N19Nc
[EXPLOIT] Firefox 3.6.16 OBJECT mChannel Remote Code Execution (DEP bypass) -> http://goo.gl/q323O
[EXPLOIT] CiscoKits 1.0 TFTP Server DoS and Directory Traversal (thanx m3g9tr0n #4) -> http://goo.gl/OHcOM . http://goo.gl/Z5Ojj
[FUN] Don’t miss that! -> http://goo.gl/wjyoJ
[NEWS] Researcher releases tool for replacing certificate authorities (Black Hat USA 2011) -> http://goo.gl/ZUp17


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