4li3n’s after midnight useless news and links – 2011.08.12 (*DC/BH/BSidesLV extra* edition)

* DefCon 19 / Black Hat USA 2011 / BSidesLV 2011 extra *
[SLIDES] Covert Post-Exploitation Forensics With Metasploit (BH) -> http://goo.gl/b6LWo
[SLIDES] Network Nightmare – PXE talk at Defcon (DC) -> http://goo.gl/AtvFf
[VIDEO] Various Interviews form Blackhat USA 2011 (BH) -> http://goo.gl/aL2WU
[SLIDES] iOS 4 Security Evaluation (BH) -> http://goo.gl/M2xmU
[POST] BSIDESLV – DEFCON 2011 Summary (BSidesLV/DC) -> http://goo.gl/2tWsU
[NEWS] 4G and CDMA networks reportedly hacked at DEFCON (DC) -> http://goo.gl/lY97y , http://goo.gl/NE3SG
[POST] BH 2011: Bit-squatting – DNS hijacking without exploitation (BH) -> http://goo.gl/fcwNF
[AUDIO] Black Hat 2011: GrayWolf Attacks .NET Apps (BH) -> http://goo.gl/4FYCm
[POST] A look into Black Hat’s wireless network (BH) -> http://goo.gl/lcw12
[POST] Auto-BAHN: Using Smart phones to create emergency, ad hoc networks (DC) -> http://goo.gl/kehdQ
[VIDEO] Black Hat USA 2011: Interview with Dan Kaminsky (BH) -> http://goo.gl/Zf6GU
[SLIDES] Attacking Client Side JIT Compilers (BH) -> http://goo.gl/SPjDl
[POST] Observations From Black Hat (BH) -> http://goo.gl/QhiB8
[VIDEO] Black Hat 2011 USA: Phillipe Courtot (BH) -> http://goo.gl/hjK6K
[SLIDES] Advanced Data Exfiltration (BSidesLV) -> http://goo.gl/sySyi
[POST] Black Hat 2011: The Rise Of The Machines (BH) -> http://goo.gl/5kn5c
[FUN] How can I open .exe file on Linux? -> http://goo.gl/Y07FJ
[POST] Test Your Security Equipment’s Ability to Block JavaScript Obfuscations -> http://goo.gl/kdKL3
[VULN] Vulnerabilities in DNS Server Could Allow Remote Code Execution -> http://goo.gl/MLt6d , http://goo.gl/RujEV
[INFO] Cheat Sheets and others -> http://goo.gl/rHRbo
[TOOL] Dropbox Reader: command-line tools for parsing dropbox configuration and cache files -> http://goo.gl/facHq
[POST] Windows Hooks of Death: Kernel Attacks through User-Mode Callbacks -> http://goo.gl/l7mWq
[NEWS] Researchers Hack Mobile Data Communications -> http://goo.gl/S4Wjb , http://goo.gl/MEQg9
[POST] Performing DoS Attacks With JavaScript Malware -> http://goo.gl/B6t9t
[HOW-TO] Remove yourself from ALL background check websites -> http://goo.gl/PZ5Qbg
[BLOG] Pop Pop Ret: Windows Kernel Exploitation -> http://goo.gl/cSGmX
[UPDATE] Hashkill 0.2.4 -> http://goo.gl/SJTQC
[SCRIPT] http-waf-detect: WAF/IDS/IPS detection -> http://goo.gl/h6Han
[VIDEO] De-ICE.net v1.2b (1.20b) {Level 1 – Disk 3 – Version B} -> http://goo.gl/FC6Dn
[WIKI] Live streams from CCC -> http://goo.gl/upRx9
[NEWS] More BlackBerry image problems: RIM warns of BES security vulnerabilities -> http://goo.gl/YQ1tt
[POST] You expect me to remember that? (Part 1) -> http://goo.gl/FpXrI
[POST] See strings in Binaries using Notepad++ -> http://goo.gl/bNli8


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