41i3n’s useless news and links of the week only in deltahacker.gr


As I have told you before the reincarnation of “41i3n’s after midnight useless news and links” is now a weekly Greek edition and solely lives in my beloved deltahacker.gr under the name of “41i3n’s useless news and links of the week”. It includes “Quote(s) of the week” and “Tip(s) of the week”

Here is a link to the latest edition: http://deltahacker.gr/2013/03/10/41i3ns-useless-news-links-of-the-week-19/

You can also find all previous editions here: http://deltahacker.gr/category/news-bytes/

P.S.: If you are interested in the pre-deltahacker posts, you can find them right here under the “After Midnight Useless News and Links (OLD)” category or under the “” tag