My deltaHacker contributions so far

Intros to my contributions on deltaHacker magazine so far:

WPAD MiTM  blind SQLi 1blind SQLi 2unionpost exp 1post exp 2  phishing platform

Follow the links for more info, but it’s gonna be all Greek for you I am afraid 😕


Dave Rel1k Kennedy on CNN!

Dave Rel1k Kennedy is invited in CNN to talk about Chinese hacking attempts against USA under cover of Chinese military.

Now how come one side is always mean and dirty while the other side stays all the time clean and neat eludes me! I thought in a war all sides are equally horrid. Maybe it’s just me.

Comments are yours.

H3ll0 w0rld!

Greetings Earthlings!

I am tired of waiting the import from Posterous to finish. I have contacted support numerous times with no answer. I guess I have to upgrade to Pro to get one. In any case I have decided to start posting new interesting stuff again.

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